Very recently, a friend of mine lost her best friend. This woman was way too young and full of light to be taken from us. I’ve noticed other FB posts about loss recently too. Sometimes it takes reading about other people’s struggles, loss and tragedies to stop and count our blessings. Fortunately, I’m one who… Read More


By Patricia Abby Berg While not often talked about openly, breastfeeding the baby that you have not birthed has been happening since the dawn of time. Historically, the woman who breastfed a child that was not her own was considered a  “wet nurse.” It might have also been a relative who nursed a baby when… Read More


We are not racist, we just don’t think a child of color would thrive in our community. I hear this all the time. And what I tell people is this… You don’t need an explanation for your decisions and frankly it’s nobody’s business what you decide. While I don’t judge anyone based on their personal criteria, other… Read More


When I was going through the adoption process, I had a lot of fear around who my child’s birthmom would be. And whatever fear I had, my family had it ten times over – which only fed my fear even more. Will she be abusing drugs? Will she change her mind? Will she be someone I… Read More


When people think about creating their adoption profile, the first thing they think of is what pictures to use. I personally think creating your text first is the right way to go, but if you’re just too anxious and excited about the pictures, here are some you’ll definitely want to include… Your cover photo should… Read More


I’m going to share with you an important tip – a tip that will probably lead you to adopt the baby of your dreams much quicker. But before I do, if you are just starting out on your adoption journey, let me ask you a question… What does your baby look like? No, I’m serious… Read More


I know what you are going through. You just finished years of fertility treatments. You’re exhausted and discouraged. The idea of adopting is something you are considering, but having to navigate this new path seems quite overwhelming! Adoption is a beautiful way to build your family…with the right education, a good strategy and an open… Read More


By Genie Miller Gillespie In 1993, I helped my first family join together through the process of adoption. It was a joyful and life-affirming experience. I decided then that this was what I wanted to do with my life. For more than 24 years, I have been helping children and parents build and grow their… Read More


During National Adoption Awareness Month, I will introduce you to numerous guest bloggers, highlighting many parts of the adoption journey. Marcy and I met at a networking event years ago. This woman is a go-getter and a do-gooder. I am grateful for her generous offer to share her story, as an adoptee.  By Marcy Twete … Read More

During National Adoption Awareness Month, I will introduce you to numerous guest bloggers, highlighting many parts of the adoption journey. I met Tim through the world of adoption professionals when I first came across his podcast, which I found extremely educational and poignant. I reached out and next thing I knew, I was being interviewed… Read More

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