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RG Adoption Consulting New Branding

Why RG Adoption Consulting Got a Facelift

It is with great pleasure and pride that we present to you the new branding for RG Adoption Consulting!

This labor of love came at a time where we felt our messaging and visual aesthetic needed an upgrade to match our mission and purpose for our consulting firm. RG Adoption Consulting has been in operation for several years, and with many things having changed in the adoption world, we felt our branding needed to reflect some of those changes.

Going through a change in your brand can be challenging, especially if you’re not exactly sure what message you’re missing or information you could be indirectly communicating. Thankfully, we took the time to better understand our goals in terms of working with adoptive families and agencies and also to understand what the adoption process looks like today. Hence, our new logo, mission statement, and more.

We are thrilled with the new look and feel of our brand and website. But there is so much that has not changed within our business. We still continue to pour our hearts into our jobs, helping match as many families as possible who connect with us within 1 year. We still continue to help educate, guide, and mentor adoptive families through the process, keeping in touch regularly and advocating for them through multiple channels. We still continue to feel deeply the emotional rollercoaster of the adoption process with our families, knowing that it takes the toughest individuals and couples to navigate this bumpy journey.

So while our brand and website have gotten a new look, we hope you know that our purpose and goal to serve you with all of our hearts is still the same!

Our New Logo

We feel deeply in tune with our new logo which is of three white daisies. Daisies themselves represent childbirth, innocence, cheerfulness, and new beginnings. 

The three daisies together further represent the family triad that's so important in our work - the adoptee, the birth family, and the adoptive family, while the circle shape in our logo, symbolizes no beginning or end; a forever family. 

Our goal within our new logo is to convey a message of warmth, inclusivity, and endless possibilities for growth and happiness with any and all individuals we work with. 

Our Promise to You

We vow to navigate the complexities of adoption with transparency, care, and personalized attention, empowering you to make informed decisions at every step of your journey towards parenthood.

This promise was carefully written to convey that our intention is always to help serve you through one of the greatest journeys of your life, the journey to parenthood. With each case being uniquely yours and full of individual circumstances, we provide customized and individualized solutions to any roadblock or hiccup on your journey. We are a team of adoptive parents ourselves, so we understand so much of what you are going through and will always be there to discuss those feelings. 

Our Vision & Transformation Statement

We empower families seeking adoption through expert guidance and compassionate support to turn dreams of parenthood into a reality filled with love, understanding, and joy. 

What do you feel empowered to do in your life? Many of us might not feel empowered with very many things, but we at RG Adoption Consulting sure know how to help empower you through the adoption process with confidence.

Our Core Values

It is important to us to demonstrate our core values in everything we do, with the intention of helping individuals and families feel supported throughout the whole process and never like they have to go through this alone.

We stand by the following values:


We lead with open hearts and celebrate the journey of each person or couple to becoming parents. 


Through our collective experience, we work together to guide our families with awareness of their time, effort, and resources. 


By supporting each other, our team is able to better support our clients. We love working together to bring our clients the greatest gift of their lives!

​Keeping it Real

We will always be honest, respectful & realistic, knowing that each journey is different and can involve up’s and down’s.

The Ultimate Partner in Adoption

When going through the adoption process, you will interact with many different organizations or providers who are working to help you reach your goal. RG Adoption Consulting works diligently to network with these organizations, specifically agencies, around the United States, to give you the best chance for matching in a timely manner.

Our connections are deep and our relationships established. Because of this, we are your link to these agencies or organizations and can help expedite many steps along the way. As a trusted partner in the adoption process, allow our large network to bring you the joy you’re looking for quicker than an average adoption process.

Ready to Start Your Journey?

If you’ve found RG Adoption Consulting in your search for someone to help hold your hand through the adoption process, welcome. We are so glad you are here. We hope you see our messages and branding as a comfort to your aching heart, knowing that we have felt what you are feeling and are dedicated to bringing you a lifetime of joy and happiness with your future adoption. 

Whether you are a hopeful parent or an adoption professional, we look forward to connecting with you to help you in any way we can.


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