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Adopting can be confusing, like exploring a new country. Think of us as your guides, helping you understand the process, find the right agencies, and support you every step of the way.

We will help you:

✿ Work with multiple agencies effectively

✿ Prepare to meet your baby

✿ Connect with trusted professionals

✿ Stand out to agencies

✿ Create a profile that resonates with birth moms

✿ Navigate relationships with expectant moms

✿ Evaluate potential situations wisely

✿ Receive ongoing support after adoption

Above all, we’ll stay in close communication with you and your agencies and ensure your adoption process continues to move forward. You’ll never have to wonder what you should be doing next. As your adoption consultants, we’ll stay on top of all the details, while you prepare your heart and home for your new baby.

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The Adoption Roadmap ℠


The Adoption Roadmap has been carefully curated over years of experience working on different adoption cases. This proven method, aimed at bringing a baby into your heart and home in less than a year, is what makes RG Adoption Consulting a  no-brainer for many hopeful families. 


By understanding what you are going to beautifully experience, you are able to keep your heart open and ready for the perfect fit when the time comes. 

Get an in-depth understanding of this life-changing process by watching our Adoption Roadmap Video explanation below:


How Long Does The Adoption Process Typically Take?

Various factors influence this timeline. Just as prospective parents have their criteria for adoption, so do expectant mothers. It's a mutual selection process. Although most of our families complete their adoption journey within a year, several elements can affect the duration of the process. We've observed that the following characteristics often lead to a faster match:

✿ Married couples that are black or biracial

✿ Gay married couples

✿ Couples with an adoption budget over $50K

✿ Families with fewer than 2 children (or who have previously adopted)

✿ Adoptees open to all races and genders

✿ Adoptees open to potential substance

exposure or mental health diagnoses

✿Adoptees under the age of 50

Above all, couples or individuals who practice kindness, patience, and are actively involved in our online community are noted to have a more positive experience throughout the duration of their adoption journey. 

Virtual Adoption Consulting Support _ RG Adoption Consulting
Roadmap Video

Are You More of a
Visual Learner?


Virtual Adoption Consulting Support _ RG Adoption Consulting

Our Proven 4 Step Process





From home study to finalization and beyond, we’ll guide you through the ins and outs of the process. More importantly, we’ll talk you through the stuff that’s not written down–the things that only experience can teach you.



It just takes one expectant mother to connect with you. We’re here to give her something to connect with. Together, we’ll curate a compelling, unmistakably-you adoption profile that stands out and makes the right expectant mom feel, without question, that you’re the perfect parent(s) for her baby.



Engaging with multiple agencies often results in a quicker match. Through our connections, these agencies can provide affordable initial fees. The crucial step is identifying the ideal combination of agencies that align with your budget and adoption criteria. Leveraging our extensive network, we'll ensure that more expectant mothers have the opportunity to view your outstanding adoption profile.



We can’t promise to protect your heart from a failed adoption or bumps along the road. But, we can promise to do everything in our power to help prevent it. Together, we’ll evaluate every potential adoption situation. If something in our gut tells us to be concerned or cautious, you’ll be the first to know. From keeping you optimistic on your lowest days to bringing your baby home, we’ll help you prepare for each new step in your adoption journey.

You can trust that this process will bring you the results you are looking for. Read what these happy families had to say!

Our uniqueness shines through our exceptional and supportive community, educational focus with monthly speakers, strong partnerships with agencies and attorneys, and our stellar reputation.

  • How long does the adoption process take?
    This is one of the most commonly asked questions and yet one of the most difficult to answer because there are so many factors involved. First, it has to be a good connection for both of you. You are choosing the right situation for you and an expectant mother is choosing the right parents for her child. What situations you are open to makes a big difference! This includes medical, mental health, substance, and social history. How well you connect with an expectant mother through your adoption profile matters as do statistics from the agencies you are working with. RG Adoption Consulting provides a “done with you” service as opposed to a “done for you” service. Meaning, you have to have skin in the game and there will be work that you are going to have to do in order to get you the results that we both want for you. We will guide you through our step-by-step proven Adoption Roadmap, hold your hand throughout, and do the things that we can do behind the scenes in order to put you in the best light and get you in front of as many situations as we can that are a potential perfect connection. With that in mind, it’s our hope that you will be able to adopt your baby in less than a year. How does that sound?
  • How do I find the right agency?
    Without question, finding the right agency or agencies can be overwhelming. It’s not always about how large or small the agency is. You want to know statistics, like how many other families are waiting with the same criteria you have, what their financial policies are and so much more. There is so much involved! This is where RG Adoption Consulting can be extremely helpful. Our model is to use multiple agencies at once for quicker matches, as well as the right agencies for the safest match. We have a large network of agencies across the country that we have personally vetted. Your consultant will put together a customized list of agencies specifically that meet your needs for the best possible match. In short, our diligence over the years and expertise on navigating the various agency requirements will allow you to be successful throughout your adoption journey.
  • My biggest concern is getting a healthy baby. Is that possible?
    The term “healthy” means something different to everyone. Of course, there are no guarantees. Children who have been adopted have a higher risk of mental health and behavioral challenges than non-adoptive children. That said, there are resources you can put into place right away to mitigate those risks. When you are presented with an adoption situation, you are given a lot of information about an expectant mother, such as her health, mental health, whether or not there is any substance exposure, etc. so that you are able to make the most informed decision you can for you and your family. We recommend consulting with an adoption medicine expert to understand some of the risks before you start your adoption journey.
  • Open adoption scares me! What does it mean? And what if she changes her mind?
    First, understand that a birth mother has not chosen adoption until she has terminated her rights – usually a certain number of days after the baby is born. When she chooses a parent (or couple) ahead of time, this means that she is considering adoption and once the child is born, she intends to have them become her child’s parent(s). While of course the hopeful parent would like the adoption to go through, the birth mom has every right to choose to parent the child herself. If the birth mother does move forward with placing her child, she is doing so with the full understanding that she has terminated her rights forever. The decision an expectant mother must make is undoubtedly painful. Ultimately, mothers want to know that their baby will thrive and that she made the right decision by choosing you to parent her child. This is where a potential “open adoption” comes in. The word “open” can often trigger an intimidating feeling with adoptive parents as they sometimes assume this means that the biological mother will always be checking in on their child. In fact, open adoptions can range from sending pictures and letters through your agency without any identifying information, to texting or phone calls with the birth mother. It could even include in-person visits if that is something you are comfortable with. This conversation starts before the baby is born and it evolves over time. Keep in mind that the majority of adoptions these days are either direct communication through phone calls and texting or visits, which are becoming more and more common.
  • How much will adoption cost me and how will I ever afford it?
    On average, you can expect your expenses for domestic agency adoption to cost roughly $45k – $60k. Be aware that in most cases, you will not need to pay this money up front. However, once you apply to each of the agencies you choose to work through, you will want to have easy access to the bulk of this amount. You never know how quickly an adoption situation will present itself and if mom is due soon, the full amount would be required. Understandably, the cost can be the biggest hurdle for many people / couples when it comes to adoption. How are you going to come up with all that money? We’re excited to be able to pass on to you access to your own personal Adoption Finance Coach! Through our partnership with Your Adoption Finance Coach, you can receive help with budgeting, fundraising, grants, loans, and more. This service is included in our Premier Platinum program, and offered for a low fee for all of our other clients and Academy members.
  • Where do I even begin? What's my first step?
    If you've already decided to begin your adoption journey, congratulations! Your first step now is to schedule a consultation. During your consultation, you will have 30 minutes via GoogleMeet to speak with a member of our team to ask any and all questions related to the adoption process and our services. Prior to any consultation, we ask that you please watch our Adoption Roadmap Explanation and Guide below, which will likely answer most of your questions before the call.
  • What is the investment to work with RG Adoption Consulting?
    RG Adoption Consulting offers three distinct programs: Our Premier Platinum Program, Basic 1:1 Private Client service and The Adoption Roadmap Academy. Fees for our services start at $2997 and go up to $10,000. Each level of service includes all four steps of our exclusive Adoption Roadmap model.
Virtual Adoption Consulting Support _ RG Adoption Consulting

As your trusted advisors, our team will hold your hand through every module of The Adoption Roadmap and soon you will be on your way to bringing home your baby!

Virtual Adoption Consulting Support _ RG Adoption Consulting

While you wait...

Grab your copy of The Adoption Roadmap

Are you ready to embark on your journey to parenthood? The Adoption Roadmap is your comprehensive 4-step guide, designed to demystify the adoption process and empower you to take action today.

This book is filled with insider tips from an adoption consultant with years of experience and contains all the essential steps to help you bring home your baby in the least amount of time possible.

It also makes an excellent present for parents seeking to understand and provide support in your adoption journey.

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