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Virtual Adoption Consulting Support _ RG Adoption Consulting

Vision & Transformative Statement

We empower families seeking adoption through expert guidance and compassionate support to turn dreams of parenthood into a reality filled with love, understanding, and joy. 


Our Brand Promise: We vow to navigate the complexities of adoption with transparency, care, and personalized attention, empowering you to make informed decisions at every step of your journey towards parenthood.

Let's grow your family.


Rebecca Gruenspan


Rebecca, known to most as Becca, established RG Adoption Consulting in 2013. After living in Chicago for 22 years, Becca and her son returned to her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, where they soon welcomed their Goldendoodle, Akela into their family. Embracing motherhood has been a lifelong calling for Becca, but her journey took unexpected turns. Despite grappling with infertility and misconceptions about adoption, Becca sought out an adoption consultant to help guide her journey. Since 2011, when Becca adopted her son as a single mom, she embarked on a path of cultural understanding and integration, recognizing the importance of incorporating her son's Mexican heritage into their family's fabric. Valentine's Day holds a special significance as that is the day her son's adoption was finalized, marking the beginning of their “family day” together. Becca received a Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) at The Ohio State University and a Masters in Social Work (MSW) at The University of Illinois at Chicago, Jane Addams School of Social Work.

Rachel Patten


Rachel, a native of Salt Lake City, Utah, graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's in Social Work from the University of Utah and has been immersed in adoption work ever since. Rachel, a licensed clinical social worker, has navigated adoptions through the lens of expectant moms and hopeful parents during her work at various adoption agencies. Rachel and her husband adopted their two kiddos and she joined RG Adoption Consulting in 2018. Passionate about helping families navigate the complexities of transracial adoption, Rachel is an advocate of open adoptions and strives to ensure her children always have the opportunity to reach out to their birth families for guidance and support, thus fostering an environment rich in love and understanding from both sides. When Rachel isn’t being a mom to her son and daughter, she is playing with her two mini Goldendoodles.


Connie Shakro


Hailing from Chicago, IL, Connie stumbled upon an internship listing for RG Adoption Consulting while studying Journalism and Pre-Med at Loyola University Chicago in 2017. Connie has been deeply involved in the adoption world ever since, finding beauty in the journey hopeful parents embark on. After graduating in 2019, Connie found a home at RGAC, optimizing systems, processes, and resources for families, from tech support to client onboarding and event planning. Her role ensures everything runs smoothly, allowing her to connect, learn, and grow alongside the community. Connie has surely become an expert in adoption and is the creative force behind all of our online content.


Luzmary Claro Diaz


Luzmary, known to the world as Luzy, works remotely from her home of Lara State, Venezuela! Luzy earned a Bachelor's degree in Modern Language (mastered English and German), in 2016, with a minor in Business from Universidad Arturo Michelena in Carabobo State, Venezuela. She worked for a variety of small businesses, living for a while in Columbia before finding her way back to Venezuela. RGAC was lucky to connect with Luzy and welcome her onto the team in 2021.  With a passion for helping families, Luzy has been hard at work behind the scenes troubleshooting and ensuring seamless operations. Luzy's expertise shines through in building workflows and automation, making everyone's daily work more efficient. She is also the keeper of all the RGAC stats.


Devin DeSantis


Devin’s heart will forever be in the mountains of Arvada, Colorado, where he grew up, even though he now resides in Wheaton, Illinois, outside of Chicago, with his husband and daughter, who they adopted in 2018. Devin joined RGAC as a consultant in 2019 very shortly after adopting his daughter. When he is not working with families, Devin is performing on a stage somewhere around the world, whether at Radio City Music Hall with The Rockettes in their Christmas Spectacular, hosting A Colorado Christmas, featuring the Colorado Symphony, singing in his band, or performing as the starring role in a show around the Chicagoland area. Devin graduated from Northwestern University and is a member of Actor's Equity. He was put on this earth to use his voice to tell stories and help people see themselves and those around them in a different light. He hopes to provide families with information, support, and the fire they need to navigate their unique adoption journey.

Virtual Adoption Consulting Support _ RG Adoption Consulting

Our Company Culture


We lead with open hearts and celebrate the

journey of each person or couple to becoming parents. 


Through our collective experience, we work together to guide our families with awareness of their time, effort, and resources. 



By supporting each other, our team is able to better support our clients. We love working together to bring our clients the greatest gift of their lives!

Keeping it Real

We will always be honest, respectful & realistic, knowing that each journey is different and can involve up’s and down’s.

We Hope You Join Our Community!

85 families adopted last year and 91 families took placement in 2022.

Almost 90% of our families find successful matches within a year of signing up with agencies, and over 80% complete adoptions within a year of engaging with us.

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