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Adoption Roadmap

The Adoption Roadmap Podcast is your ultimate guide to navigating the extraordinary journey of adoption with confidence and joy! I am Rebecca Gruenspan, a single mom through domestic adoption and an adoption consultant for over a decade. I’ll be your guide, along with other adoption professionals and members of the adoption constellation, walking you step-by-step down this beautiful and complex path of adopting your baby.

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Join us each week as we delve into the heartwarming world of adoption, offering expert advice, heartening stories, and practical tips to empower prospective parents every step of the way.


Be Our Next Guest!

Are you in the adoption world and have a story or two to share?


Our listeners could gain from your experiences as they work to navigate their own adoption journey. Contact us via the form below to learn about being a guest on The Adoption Roadmap Podcast.


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Rebecca Gruenspan

 I'm the RG in RG Adoption Consulting. You can call me Becca. I am an adoptive mom, and an unflinching optimist dedicated to helping you start the family you know you’re meant to have — without wasting any more precious time.

As adoption consultants, we advocate for one person: YOU. Your journey to adoption will be unique to you, which is why our team of qualified and licensed professionals looks at each individual case as a customized adoption experience. 

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