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The Easy Way, A Poem By Rachel Patten

During National Adoption Awareness Month, we will introduce you to numerous guests, highlighting many parts of the adoption journey. Featured in today’s NAAM submission is a poem by our Managing Consultant at RGAC (coming to us from Hawaii), Rachel Patten.

Being an adoptive mama of 2 herself and walking countless other hopeful parents down the path of adoption, Rachel shares “The Easy Way,” which highlights what every parent through adoption knows…it isn’t an easy journey at all.

The Easy Way 

By Rachel Patten

Adoption, the easy way you say?

Ohhhhhhhhh, alright, okay!

Sleepless nights and weight gain,

the kind you can’t explain.

All while willing your sanity to remain.

No control while you rock and roll,

down a pathway full of hope.

All you want is a yes, but hear a lot of nope.

Your hopes and dreams to be a mom feel galaxies away.

You know your little one is out there,

but can your heart take one more day?

“It will happen,” “Don’t give up,” everyone keeps sayin’.

But little do they know your sanity is swayin’.

Then one day you get the call and you wonder, “is this real”?

You’re happy and excited, but is that ok to feel?

As you hold your baby, finally it all makes sense.

The joy you feel, the love you have is abundant and intense.

The rocky road, the heavy load, it all seems to melt away.

Your patience and persistence, you never did let stray.

You knew you’d be a mama; you’ll never forget this day.

So thankful for the path, that took you “the easy way.”

Rachel Patten is a Senior Consultant at RG Adoption Consulting and a mom of two through transracial adoption. You can read her full bio here.


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