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"Becca has an outstanding work ethic, demonstrates integrity and professionalism and is fully committed to her clients." SHARON, ILLINOIS

Sharon is a single mom from Chicago who brought home her baby girl only six months after applying to her agencies.

The single greatest day of my life thus far, was the day I became a mother.  And although my path to motherhood was vastly, vastly different from what I had always imagined, expected and, in many ways dreamed of, I have never felt happier and more joyous than I have since becoming a mom. My journey led me to adoption and I am grateful to say it is part of my story.   I am “over the moon” since my baby girl came into my life.

I first learned about RG Adoption Consulting at a gathering for single women contemplating motherhood.   At that time, I was seriously considering adoption, and one of the women I met that evening strongly recommended that I connect with Rebecca. I also had numerous questions regarding the process as well as whether it would be successful, given my status as a single,Jewish woman. After my initial consultation with Rebecca, I found out she is also a single, Jewish woman and I felt incredibly optimistic and encouraged about fulfilling my lifelong dream of creating a family and becoming a mother. I was also struck by her warmth and compassionate nature. Throughout my journey, Rebecca constantly provided me with ongoing support and encouragement.

Working with RG Adoption Consulting was an excellent decision. Navigating the adoption world can be extremely overwhelming and all-consuming.  It’s sometimes difficult to know whom to trust.  Rebecca’s expertise, shared experience, and reassurance eased many of the challenges associated with adoption.  She has an outstanding work ethic, demonstrates integrity and professionalism and is fully committed to her clients. I still marvel at how quickly I matched and how quickly I became a mother. I strongly recommend RG Adoption Consulting.

The photographs of Sharon and her daughter were taken complimentary, by photographer Tiia Norsym, an adoptee, through her partnership with the Red Thread Sessions organization. You can read about Tiia’s personal story here.


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