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"Rachel was the best resource throughout this entire journey. From the bottom of our hearts, we can’t thank her enough!"

Becca & Buzz, Wisconsin


Choosing to adopt was an easy decision for us. In our first few months of dating back in college, we discovered that we were both drawn to adoption being the way that we grew our family. Buzz’s family had wanted to adopt from Haiti after the earthquake, while Becca’s family and friends were both touched by adoption. She saw how truly blessed that both the adoptive family and their child were. It was simply written in the stars. 

We told our family about our adoption plan shortly after signing up with RG Adoption Consulting and our home study agency. RGAC had been on our radar for a few months before we scheduled an initial call with Becca Gruenspan. Once we got off the call with Becca, we knew we wanted to sign up because of how easy she made the process seem and how helpful she was with all our questions.

We couldn’t help but celebrate after signing up with RGAC…we had a campfire and told Becca’s parents the big news. Her mom was full of happy tears, and her dad immediately asked if he could be called Papa. 

That same ease of our initial call with Becca was reciprocated when we first spoke with our consultant, Rachel. She was amazing to work with. Rachel kept us calm throughout the process and helped us remain level-headed through this rollercoaster of a journey. Whenever anxiety crept in, we were able to call Rachel and find peace of mind.

Rachel was the best resource throughout this entire journey—offering constructive criticism when needed on our adoption profile and letter to our expectant mother, answering questions, and providing us with the tools needed to adopt. From the bottom of our hearts, we can’t thank Rachel enough! 

We also found so much support in the RGAC online client community. It is a great group of hopeful adoptive parents and adoptive parents, who were there to help us with any questions that arose. 

Our adoption journey was, fortunately, a smooth one. We were so fortunate and blessed that we didn’t have too many frustrations. However, our first challenging moment came the day our home study was finalized when we received a call that an expectant mom had chosen us when she saw our profile book sitting in the agency’s office. 

We had a short amount of time to decide on a situation that we didn’t expect for a few months. Becca thought the timing of it all had to be fate, but it didn’t quite feel right to Buzz so we decided against matching with the expectant mother. It was very hard for Becca to say no to our first situation…but Rachel’s words of wisdom were so helpful, she told us our future child was still out there and that when the time was right, we would match with the situation that was right for us.

Four months later, Rachel’s words rang true. We received the news about an expectant mother who was expecting twin boys and we knew in our hearts that this one felt right to both of us. A couple of days later we got “the call” that she and her family had chosen us.

The next day we got to talk with her on the phone and began to build our relationship with the woman who would change our lives forever. One of our favorite moments of the journey was being able to meet and build a relationship with her. 

We started our drive to Texas from Wisconsin about two and a half weeks before her C-section date and got together with her every 2-3 days.

We were privileged to get to meet some of her family and were surprised about how emotional the journey was once we got to Texas and got to meet our boys’ expectant mom. The love we saw in her heart made us fall in love with her and every time we saw her or learned something new about her, we felt even more connected.

There were tears every day for a month due to her humility and everything she was giving us, as well as the realization that we were becoming parents, a dream we’ve had since we got married in 2014. We worked so hard for 7 years to save enough for adoption so it was 7 years of hopes and dreams coming true all at once, mixed with the incredible grief we knew the expectant mom was feeling…something we couldn’t even begin to fathom.

She is truly a gift from God and the most selfless woman we’ve ever met…we’ll forever cherish the moments we spent together. 

When it came time for the birth, expectant mama asked Becca to be one to join her in the operating room. Never in our wildest dreams did we think one of us would get the privilege of being in the room with her for her C-section. It was the most incredible, emotional, and hardest experience of Becca’s entire life to see love, life, and loss in the same moments.

After a month in Texas and terribly missing our family and dogs, we finally got the call from our social worker that we could take our boys home. We arrived back in Wisconsin, and it felt like our family was whole when we were greeted at the door by two wagging tails. They greeted all four of us with big kisses as they welcomed the new additions to our family!

We now have an open adoption and we send their birth mother birthday and holiday cards, as well as communicate through the adoption agency’s platform via text and photos. We hope to have even more openness as time goes on so that our boys can also have a relationship with their birth mother and be able to call, chat, or maybe even visit her in the future.

One piece of advice we would give ourselves would be to truly listen to Rachel’s words, knowing that our situation was still out there and that when the time was right, we would match with an expectant mother that was right for us and would lead us to being a family how it was meant to be—with our boys.


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