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"Rachel was so valuable in reviewing potential adoption situations, giving honest thoughts, and checking in on us. It was amazing having her in our corner, answering any question with a thoughtful, clear, and trusted response."

Emily & Eric, Colorado


Our story begins with two people, both unsure of the role children would play in our lives. We were on the fence about having children of our own, but everything changed when we met. 

From then on out, we knew building a family would be a part of our story. We struggled to conceive our daughter and after she was born, Emily had to have an emergency hysterectomy. Our adoption story would soon unfold as we knew our daughter was meant to have a sibling. Adoption was an easy decision to make, as Emily’s brother and sister-in-law had adopted their two children. 

We talked about our dreams of adopting long before taking the steps to start the journey. Initially, we thought things would happen quickly for us, but after working with our local agency for 1.5 years without any luck, we asked for recommendations for consultants.

Our local agency gave a few to call and RG Adoption Consulting was one of them. At the very end of 2020, Emily reached out to a few to interview them. 

We had a gut feeling that RGAC would be the perfect fit, as we immediately felt connected to them. We were kept in touch with Carly after our initial call—she was so genuine and caring that no other consultant we interviewed compared. 

Making the decision to sign up with RG Adoption Consulting was an easy one. We loved that they were able to “fast-track” us since we were home study approved…it felt like RGAC was tailoring the experience to us versus taking a cookie-cutter approach.

We knew we had a team of people invested in us and once we got in contact with our consultant, Rachel, it became clear that we had made the best decision possible. In our initial call, Rachel was very forthcoming with information on how to best set us up for success. While it was a bit overwhelming to re-do our profile book for the third time we completely trusted her and took all of her advice. We saw RGAC’s track record and knew we needed to trust them completely! 

Waiting was a more difficult part of the process. Rachel helped us through hard days with encouraging words. She was also full of knowledge when it came to adoption! Rachel was so valuable in reviewing potential adoption situations, giving honest thoughts, and checking in on us. It was amazing to have someone in our corner who could answer any question with a thoughtful, clear, and trusted response. 

The waiting phase didn’t last too long…we found out we were matched with an expectant mom and just a few days later, we were on a plane going to Florida to meet our soon-to-be son! 

We didn’t tell our daughter the real reason we were going to Florida until we were certain he’d be coming home with us. The first time we saw him was overwhelming. We didn’t know what to expect in the NICU and seeing our son with wires and tubes in the incubator was hard. 

It was a moment of pure relief when the nurse asked if wanted to hold our son for the first time. Through first touch and glance, we knew he was our baby. Yet we remained cautious with our hearts. We had a long stay at the hospital but Rachel constantly kept in contact without being overbearing, which made us feel very supported.

We did not have a chance to meet our son’s birth mother prior to his birth and still have not gotten the chance. While it’s unknown at this point if she’ll decide to meet us and have an open relationship, we are remaining hopeful. 

The sweetest moment of our journey had to be when we finally brought our son back to our rental in Florida and he met his sister. She was so excited and couldn’t stop touching and kissing him! We thought this would fade after a few days, but it’s been a month and she’s still this way with her brother. 

We are so thankful to have the RG Adoption Consulting team be a part of our story and thrilled for all of life’s adventures to come! 


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