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"The adoption journey is an emotional one and having our consultant, Carly, by our side was invaluable."

Jennifer & Luvenci, New Jersey


After finding out we were unable to conceive naturally, we decided to look into the route of adoption. We originally signed up with a local agency that would help us complete our home study and match with an expectant mom. Many of our friends and family were aware of our plan and were very supportive. 

Fast-forward two years, one pandemic, and a couple of difficult conversations centered around race, things became increasingly difficult for us. That excitement at the beginning of our journey had faded and we were feeling frustrated, so we decided to look beyond our local agency. 

We stumbled upon RG Adoption Consulting in our search. After our first call, we felt a sense of hope again that we’d lost. After two years of waiting with our agency, we knew it was another financial commitment, but we felt that we had nothing to lose…

…and definitely gained a lot! Our consultant, Carly, was wonderful throughout the whole process and was always available for questions and support. The adoption journey is an emotional one and having her by our side was invaluable. 

The waiting period was one of the hardest parts of the process. We experienced a failed match, and even once we re-matched with our daughter’s birth mother, there were many anxiety-ridden moments. I was grateful to have Carly there to share my feelings with and vent to. She always let me know that they were normal feelings that she understood exactly where I was coming from. It was so reassuring!

Our daughter was born not too long after we found out about being matched. Her birth mother had an emergency C-section and we were able to hold her immediately after birth. Anxieties were still at an all-time high, as her birth mother could change her mind about the adoption at any moment. It was nerve-wracking, but we spent two days in the hospital really getting to know her birth family. Once the baby was discharged and we were back at the hotel, the excitement began to sink in. We immediately fell in love with our daughter! 

Looking back on this journey, we would remind ourselves that a child will come to you when it’s the right one.


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