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"Working with Becca was a dream!" Nicole, Texas

Having a family of my own has been something I’ve always dreamed of, and my parents taught me to never give up on what’s important to me! Even though I have not found Mr. Right yet, longing to be a mother has been a constant. My journey began with fertility treatments, which never truly felt like the right path for me. I decided the right choice for me was adoption.

As I started researching adoption agencies and adoption options, I ran into closed doors because I was single. There are a lot of agencies that do not work with single people. As I was talking to a friend about my frustrations, she told me one of the women that worked at her doctor’s office had a single daughter who just adopted a baby. The lady in my friend’s doctor’s office said that her daughter used an adoption consultant.

Once I knew she used RG Adoption Consulting, I started my journey with Rebecca.  There was so much paperwork to do that it is easy to get lost, but Becca helped and answered any crazy question I had. The modules that she has for her clients to go through truly helped educate me on what the adoption journey entails.  During this time together, we made a beautiful profile book that I was able to send to the four adoption agencies I chose to work with.

Working with Rebecca at RG Adoption Consulting was a dream! While I was still working on my profile book, I was matched with a baby boy in Arizona. It was about 3 months into my adoption journey, and I was feeling on top of the world.  It was so fast and perfect. As some stories go, the adoption, unfortunately, did not go through. In my case, the birthmother did not change her mind, but the baby was born with an unexpected medical condition that, as a single working mom, I didn’t think I could adequately handle. The next several months were difficult as I struggled with that loss, and I almost gave up hope. I only saw him a few times for a few minutes each time, but in my heart, he was mine.

After some counseling and time to heal, I was ready to try again and was matched with an expectant mother in Minnesota. I did not know the sex of the baby, but I knew the mother was due any day. On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I got the call that excites and scares you at the same time. I had a baby girl!

Anyone who has been in these shoes knows that the next few days are utter chaos. Once we (my mom and I) finally got to the hospital, we were not let into the maternity ward for a little while. They told us the birthmother was having a hard time and wanted to spend more time with her baby girl, straying from the original birth plan. My mom and I felt so scattered and scared. Was she changing her mind?

She DID follow through with the adoption plan and a few days later, I went home with my baby girl, Avery Elana.  After 8 days in Minnesota, we were able to come home to Texas. She continues to change, surprise me, and make me laugh. She is the most beautiful baby girl in the world and the best Christmas present anyone could ask for.

My adoption journey lasted six months from start to finish – I was expecting much longer. Becca helped me get through the adoption process, and without her, I would have never got my perfect little Avery Elana. I would highly recommend RG Adoption Consulting to anyone.


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