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"Throughout it all, RG Adoption Consulting was like our guiding light."

Kelly & Mike, Illinois


We have a seven-year-old son, but after battling infertility for five long years, we decided to explore adoption. It’s funny how life works sometimes because the idea came from Mike’s mom and her twin sister, who were both adopted. We signed up with RG Adoption Consulting right off the bat, and that’s where we met the amazing team of consultants. 

Fast forward a bit, we went live with our first agency in April. By September, we were matched with an expectant mom! Talk about a whirlwind of emotions. Our son’s birth mom was in Philadelphia, so we had to pack up and head out for his arrival. We even got to meet her the night before her scheduled C-section. What a surreal experience! Meeting our son’s birth mom and her four-year-old sealed the deal for us. They instantly felt like family. 

The big day finally arrived, and it was filled with anticipation and nerves. Our son took his sweet time making his grand entrance, but when he finally did, I was lucky enough to be the second person to hold him. It was a moment, I will cherish forever. 

Throughout it all, RG Adoption Consulting was like our guiding light. From attending the annual Adoption Family Retreat to sharing our doubts and fears, they were there every step of the way. We cannot imagine how long or difficult this process may have been without their knowledge, guidance, and support.

Now, as we cuddle our son in our arms, we’re filled with gratitude for this incredible journey. He’s not just our son; he’s a blessing beyond words. And while the road to adoption may have had its bumps, we wouldn’t change a single thing. Our son was always meant to be a part of our family, and we couldn’t be happier.

With love and gratitude,

Kelly and Mike


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