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"I was so lucky to have been paried with my consultant, Rachel. She was extremely supportive, honest and genuine." Katie, Chicago, IL

I knew my entire life that I wanted to be a mother and that my journey would not be typical (marry a man and give birth). When I was 6 years old, I told my mother I would have a “Chinese baby girl and black baby boy” so I knew before I knew what adoption actually was. 

Around 40 I was done traveling, living in fancy apartments, eating and drinking out, and ready to settle down and adopt.  I bought a house and car in 2017, had to do construction of said house in 2018, and by 2019 I was finally able to start my adoption journey.

Once I decided to start this process it was basically all I talked about. I was at a friend’s rooftop party and another party-goer told me about RG Adoption Consulting. I had never heard of “consulting” for adoption but it made perfect sense…I certainly didn’t know what I was doing so why wouldn’t I hire a professional!

I got on the phone with Becca shortly after and knew I had to work with RG Adoption Consulting! I was so lucky to have been paired with my consultant, Rachel. She was extremely supportive, honest, and genuine. 

Rachel kept me on track without being overbearing.She helped guide me in making all the right decisions that ultimately brought me to my daughter. I cannot imagine this journey without her.

One of the most valuable resources RG Adoption Consulting provided was a client family retreat. Meeting folks from Illinois and beyond, who were going through exactly what I was going through, was priceless. I look forward to attending with my daughter one day (post-global pandemic)! 

This journey was not one without frustrations. I remember being asked numerous times by friends about being a single mother. They asked things like, “What are the statistics of someone picking a single mother?”Was it a detriment to be single versus a couple?” 

I replied confidently that I stood just as good a chance as any other prospective adoptive parent…and then a few months went by after applying with agencies and I started to doubt that I would be picked.

Looking back now, I would tell myself to trust the process. Now I tell everyone that it feels like it takes forever, but then all of a sudden things happen quickly. 

The key is patience and trust. I never liked the whole “things happen for a reason” mantra until I adopted…I truly believe this situation was exactly right for me and my daughter.

By trusting the process I got to experience some of the most amazing moments of my life—the time spent together with my daughter during ICPC and bringing her home to Chicago. It was an absolute whirlwind but also the best two weeks of my life.

My daughter was born (9 days early) and I was told several hours AFTER she was already born. I somehow got myself to Washington state less than 24 hours after she arrived. 

I couldn’t believe it when they let me leave with her. We spent the next 2 weeks bonding in an extended stay hotel being absolutely spoiled by housekeeping (they brought us flowers, did our laundry). 

Throughout all of this, I didn’t have any communication with my daughter’s birth mother. I am hoping that changes in time. I cannot imagine what a tough decision this was for her and respect that she discharged herself from the hospital. It was too painful for her to meet us after. 

When it was time to come back to Chicago, we received a beautiful welcome home from our neighbors: signs, balloons, present, frozen lasagna and they even fixed a flat tire before picking us up at the airport. I may be single, but my village is large and loving. 


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