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"My journey to adopting a second time was smooth sailing!" Karen, Illinois

The road to adopting my daughter began when I realized I wanted my son to grow up with a sibling, and as a single mother I knew it wouldn’t be easy to do it all alone. My first time around the adoption process brought me to adopt my son, who is now 3 years old, internationally. I wasn’t quite sure if navigating an international adoption would be the same as domestic adoption. I originally met Becca seven years ago through a group called ‘Single Mothers by Choice.’ I remembered, at the time, she was just considering starting her own business to help others through their adoption journeys. I did an internet search and thankfully found Becca’s company, RG Adoption Consulting.

I wanted to know what my options were and what the odds were that a single mama in her late 40’s with another child would be able to adopt domestically. Becca assured me that it would happen and that she would do everything in her power to make my dream come true. After reading about all their clients’ success stories and their team’s passion for adoption, putting my trust in RG Adoption Consulting was one of the easiest things I have ever had to do.

My journey to adopting a second time was smooth sailing, as I had the basics down from adopting my son and my consultant, Rachel, helped to fill any gaps. Creating my adoption profile book felt like my biggest hurdle, as I was not sure how to start, what to write, how to layout the design, colors, etc. The profile book was the most overwhelming part of the process for me. Once RG Consulting put me in touch with their professional designer, Joanna Ivey of ‘Our Chosen Child,’ it felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders! She did an amazing job putting together my profile book.

Two weeks after submitting my application to an agency, I found out from the same agency that I was chosen by an expectant mother who would be having a baby girl in a month. I hadn’t planned on it happening so quickly. I anticipated getting matched would take roughly a year, so then my son would be 4 years old and a little more independent. When the agency told me about the match I was shocked, overwhelmed, and nervous. After the initial shock wore off, I pulled myself together and scrambled to prep my son and home for the new baby, wrapped up my work projects, and packed a suitcase so I’d be ready when the call came about my daughter’s birth.

I’m in contact with my daughter’s birth mother and I truly hope it remains this way.  What I love most about open adoption is that there is someone else out there who will never tire of seeing pictures of my daughter, receiving videos, and hearing stories. No one else besides her birth mom feels the same sense of pride and amazement as I have. No one else can possibly have the same love for a child as a parent has and just because she chose to place her daughter for adoption, the love for her daughter did not disappear at placement. She hasn’t forgotten or moved on. She will remain her daughter forever; my daughter just also has me as a parent now too.

My family is complete and I am beyond proud to be a single mother by choice to a sweet baby girl and the most fun little boy. I have so much gratitude for how RG Adoption Consulting has helped me.


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