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"The online RGAC client community's empathy was a lifeline, reminding us we weren't alone on this complicated path."

Rachel and Ben, Illinois


From the moment we exchanged vows, we knew our parenting experience would be different. The decision to adopt felt natural when we struggled with infertility because the seed of adoption had already been sown. Those early chats aligned our hearts and thoughts. Sharing our plans with a few people protected our emotions while we discussed the twists and turns ahead.

We discovered RG Adoption Consulting at the opportune time. The name stuck following a meeting at a Chicago Area Families for Adoption conference. A disappointing agency led us to seek RGAC’s support, and our first discussion with them felt relaxing and reassuring. We felt heard, understood, and like we weren’t alone on this path.

Working with RG Adoption Consulting changed everything. Our consultant could anticipate things we hadn’t considered. Her thorough questioning helped us make informed decisions and find possibilities that we hadn’t considered. The online client community’s empathy was a lifeline, reminding us we weren’t alone on this complicated path. Understanding and camaraderie flourished at RGAC, making our adoption journey smoother and more purposeful.

Obstacles and heartaches were a part of our story. The heartbreak of an adoption fall through and many “no’s” hurt. The grief seemed unbearable, but our consultant’s presence gave us hope. She advocated for us when we needed it. Her prompt response and genuine concern gave us hope that our perfect match was still out there.

The voyage was full of surprises. Meeting our son for the first time is our favorite memory. Holding him seemed like the conclusion of every feeling and challenge we’d encountered. In those wonderful moments, we knew our love had conquered, uniting our family forever.

The simplicity of connecting with our son’s birth mother was unexpected, proving mutual love. Our world transformed quickly from grief to the delight of meeting our baby. The unpredictability of adoption taught us to accept the unexpected and find courage in each turn.

Our relationship with our son’s birth mother improved under RGAC’s empathetic supervision. Communication in after connecting for the first time and time spent together during our son’s birth cemented our relationship. Our open adoption looks like text messages, images, and future visits, and demonstrating trust and respect. Our consultant encouraged and helped us forge this relationship with our son’s birth family.

One lesson from our story is that support is crucial. We would advise ourselves to start with RG Adoption Consulting if we could go back. The wait may continue, and the ups and downs may continue, but a hand to grasp and a heart to console would have helped. Love, resilience, and support may turn adoption challenges into a beautiful family mosaic.


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