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Marisa & Matt’s Story

"Working with RG Adoption Consulting was a transformative experience, especially with the invaluable support of our consultant, Devin." - Marisa & Matt, Virginia

After experiencing the heartache of years of infertility and a failed pregnancy, we knew adoption was our last chance to grow our family. The wounds were still fresh, but conversations with other adoptive parents provided comfort and insight into this new path we were about to embark on. 

As we delved into our adoption journey, we knew we needed help so we sought professional guidance and support. A trusted friend from college recommended RG Adoption Consulting, knowing we needed assistance in navigating this intricate process. The multitude of misconceptions and horror stories about adoption fueled our determination to avoid any unnecessary pain and frustration. From the moment we had that first call with Becca, we both felt a sense of relief and reassurance. Her expertise coupled with frank advice and guidance immediately put us at ease.

Working with RG Adoption Consulting was a transformative experience, especially with the invaluable support of our consultant, Devin. His patience, persistence, and kindness guided us through many unknowns. He answered all our questions quickly and understood our hectic lifestyles, helping us navigate through the tough moments and stay on track.

The overwhelming paperwork and intrusive evaluation process that comes with adoption was not easy to manage. We were both still rocked from our pregnancy loss and I was still dealing with the physical complications from that loss while writing a book and running a business. At the same time, Matt was on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic so if not for Rebecca’s guidance and Devon’s thoughtful nudging we would not have moved through the process as quickly as we did. Within days of completing the process we began receiving potential adoption situations and six weeks later, we met our son. Our story is absolutely a testament to the power of hope and the dedication of the professionals we worked with.

Reflecting on our adoption journey, three memories stick out. The first was the joyful day we met our son. Our instant bond was indescribable. We felt immense love and thankfulness holding our child. The second moment was saying goodbye to our son’s birth mother, a brave woman who gave us the greatest gift and left us forever thankful. Finally, the joyous introduction of our boy to our extended family!

Our relationship with our son’s birth mother is built on love, respect, and eternal gratitude. We maintain regular communication, sending her photos and email updates, and hope to see her again in person someday.  

Our adoption was full of love, grace, and resilience. Our experience was shaped by the team at RG Adoption Consulting, especially Becca and Devin. Their dedication, knowledge, and responsiveness were all critical throughout our process. If not for them, we truly don’t know if we would have the family we do today.  

Thank you, RG Adoption Consulting, for making our dreams come true! 


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