Adoption Education, Support, and Guidance:

Providing comprehensive education about adoption is a crucial part of the process. I will advise and support you throughout the entire adoption process, providing answers to your questions and a hand to hold every step of the way.


I will make sure you are equipped for each step of the process so you know what to expect and you have exactly what you need.

Personal Profile/Birthmother Letter:

This is a picture / storybook of your life and the way you are chosen by an expectant mother. I will guide you through the process of creating your profile book, making it simple for you and appealing to the right expectant birthmother for your family.

Risk Assessment:

I will review warning signs to look for and how to assess a risky situation. I will educate you to help you avoid common mistakes, which will ultimately lead to a smoother process. I will be your advocate when you are presented with difficult situations.

Tailored List of Agencies:

Through my partnerships with reputable, licensed agencies and attorneys across the country, we will work together to tailor a personalized plan that is aligned with your wishes and allows you to expand your reach. This will enable you to adopt your baby safely and quickly while also saving you time and money.

Adoption Fees, Budgeting, and Financial Education:

The cost of adoption can cause stress for many families. We will review the fees for the agencies and attorneys in your plan who fit within your determined budget, so you know exactly what to expect, including any financial risk involved. We will also review ways to reduce your costs and obtain financial support.

Referral Source:

I will provide you referrals for professionals you may need along the way, including doctors, social workers, attorneys, and home-study agencies.

Post-Placement Guidance:

You’ve adopted your beautiful child, now what? I will assist you in whatever ways necessary, such as suggesting ways your family can connect with the adoption community in order for you to gain the support and connections you might desire throughout your life.

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