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RG Adoption Consulting-About Me

I will educate, guide, and hold your hand through the domestic adoption process. RG Adoption Consulting provides comprehensive coaching, education, and expert advice created to provide a deeper understanding of the adoption process in the United States, and helps you build your family–usually, in less than 12 months!

I had a dream of becoming a mother. While my journey to achieve that dream didn’t go exactly the way the fairytale was written in my head, I wouldn’t have had it any other way! After a short marriage (if you blinked, you missed it!) and my own fertility roller coaster (imagine excusing myself while on a date to shoot myself up with hormones in the bathroom), I found myself embracing the idea of domestic adoption.

It wasn’t that simple, actually. I had already believed many of the adoption myths and created stories in my head about what adopting would look like. You, too? After a bit of research and conversations with adoptive parents, I felt a sense of relief that I had chosen a path that seemed so right for me. I knew in my gut that adoption would work, and I was on the road to realizing my dream of becoming a mom.

I made my decision to adopt a baby, but I had no idea where to start. I promised myself that if there was a way to make this process easier, I would do it! I learned quickly that when you put something out into the universe, amazing things happen! I had never heard of an adoption consultant before, but as I started to share my aspirations with people, I learned that an adoption consultant could very well be my easy button …turns out it was! (cue gospel choir)

RG Adoption Consulting-About Me

Nine months from the day I called my adoption consultant, I had my son in my arms.

I was definitely nervous and questioned whether or not to drop what seemed like a lot of money up front. Couldn’t I just do this on my own? But I’m sure glad I did and then told everyone I knew who was also thinking about adoption that they definitely had to hire an adoption consultant, too…and they listened…and they, too, were successful in quickly becoming parents.

After the adoption of my son, Trey, in 2011, I drank the adoption Kool-Aid and haven’t stopped talking about it since! I am passionate about sharing my story and helping others down their path of adoption. My personal experience with adoption combined with nearly 20 years in the non-profit sector as a family therapist, fundraiser, and event planner has provided me a solid foundation for my business as an adoption consultant. My past experience, passion for adoption, and a dream of starting my own business is how RG Adoption Consulting was born.

I would be honored to help you on your journey to build a family!!

If you want the juicier version of my story, check out my blogs!! I can’t wait to talk to you!

-Rebecca Gruenspan, MSW (but call me Becca)


What Others are Saying…

“Rebecca’s sources and support were an absolute 10! The opportunity to work with multiple adoption agencies, pre-cleared by a knowledgeable consultant who had good relationships with all of them definitely inspired confidence, when our confidence was at an all-time low. The support Rebecca provided throughout our engagement with her was invaluable. After working solely with one agency in the past, we had felt almost coerced at times to accept situations that didn’t feel quite right. It was extremely helpful to talk through scenarios with Rebecca before making our choices. The adoption process can leave prospective parents feeling very vulnerable. It must be very difficult to provide such guidance over the phone, but Rebecca’s efforts were extremely helpful and productive.”

Rachel & Paul, Pennsylvania

“Becca guided me through the entire adoption process from start to finish. She explained all the ins and outs of the system and directed me to people who could help me find my child. Even after she hooked me up with the resources I needed, she checked in to see how things were going. She is an amazing resource! I feel so lucky to have found Becca because she led me to my son, Oscar. Initially, when I talked with her, her story sounded too good to be true, but as I followed her lead, I saw that she had the insight and experience that made it possible for me to navigate the adoption system successfully. Instead of sitting on an endless waiting list, I am taking walks in the park with my little guy.”

Jennifer, Chicago, IL

“Becca was a shining light in my journey to adoption. I was tremendously excited to begin the process, but also, scared, worried, nervous, and emotionally exhausted after years of infertility. In the cluttered adoption environment online, it’s hard to know where to go, what to do first or where to start, I was searching for answers and she was there. She was a calm voice, a wealth of information and a level head. Most importantly, she has a caring, loving heart! One simple, lovely conversation with Becca, began, and then led me, to my lifelong dream to finally becoming a Mommy!!! We’ve been fast friends ever since & I’m so grateful for Becca in our lives!!”

Kerry, Chicago, IL